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Pollack Paint Company was established on May 13th., 1987 and was located in Hawthorne, NY in a 220 sq. ft. store on Elwood Avenue. In January 1988 Pollack Paint Company incorporated as Pollack Paint Industries and remained based in Hawthorne. As the company continued to grow, more space was needed and a warehouse was built nearby to accommodate the company growth.

On June 13th., 1997, Pollack Paint Industries was purchased by  Insl-x Products Corporation of Stony Point NY and relocated the new Pollack Division to their original Paint factory location on Woodworth Avenue in Yonkers, NY. Pollack Paint Industries continued to grow and add product lines through the next 15 years. On October 10th., 2011, Insl-x now known as J.M.M. Industries sold Pollack Paint Industries to Mercury Paint Corporation of Brooklyn NY changing the name of the company to Pollack Paint and Field. We remain located in Yonkers, NY. As we celebrate our 28th. Anniversary we reflect back at the journey we have taken to get here. We thank all of our Valued Clients and look forward to our 29th. year and many years to come. 

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